We are so excited to welcome your child to BREATHE Special Needs Respite Care!

In order to ensure your child has the best experience possible, please answer the following questions. This will help our volunteers understand your child better and ensure they have an excellent experience.

Thank you for using BREATHE Special Needs Respite Care. We hope you have a great evening out on the town!

*Please Note:

Be sure to fill out an INITIAL SIGN-UP FORM for each child, Special Needs and Typical.

REGISTER for each event date.

We are excited to give you a few hours of respite from your demanding lives as we spend time with your special needs child(ren) and their typical sibling (s).  If for some reason your registered special needs child cannot make it we would ask that you let us know at least 24 hours prior to the Breath night.  Additionally, we encourage you to sign up your children for the following month and plan to attend.

  • For you first visit, the INITIAL SIGN-UP FORM works as your registration.
  • You can register for the next upcoming event date only.
  • Registration will close the Wednesday prior to each upcoming event date at midnight.
  • For each event, you must register separately for each child, Special Needs and Typical.
  • If you already filled out an INITIAL SIGN-UP FORM, go to “Recurring Family” to register for events. Click HERE
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